Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Fluoride in Your Toothpaste is Bad for You

Fluorapatite is a mineral found in our teeth. Hence the idea that we need added fluoride in toothpaste to have strong and white teeth. People have had good teeth before fluoride was added in toothpaste approximately 100 years ago. Just google “perfect teeth of prehistoric people”. The idea is that you can get your daily dose of fluoride from food and green tea. Yes, green tea is super rich in fluoride.

Fluoride is already added to some areas in the water supply. Adding this to the fluoride ingested when we brush our teeth we have quite a lot of this substance in our systems. This can lead in years to dental and bone fluorosis which can be seen on a x-ray and it’s a pretty serious condition.
Fluoride builds up over time in your pineal gland which is situated between your cerebral hemispheres. The calcification of this little but vital gland can produce altered sleep-wake cycles and behavioral changes. The pineal gland is the key to the spiritual world and the fluoride keeps it calcified thus making humans less spiritual and evolved beings.

Natural toothpaste solutions are all the rage these days. You can find a lot of alternatives just a click away. I personally use a clay toothpaste bought from an organic shop. I still use other products that may contain shady compounds. I am not a vegan-raw addicted but I try to introduce small positive changes like this one in my life. It’s all about finding what works the best for you.

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