Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today's star: The Boar Bristle Brush.

Why Choose a Boar Bristle Brush?

Besides feeling like a pretty lady from the Victorian era, your hair can have a lot of benefits. 
-         The natural boar hair stretches your natural scalp oils from the roots of your hair to most of its length. Thus the greasy appearance is tempered and your hair looks fresh and it is healthier. The natural oils your scalp produces are for protecting your hair. The brush just evens the oil levels.
-         It increases the blood flow through your scalp by massaging it. The blood nurtures the hair follicles and prevents you from hair loss.
-         It cleans your hair. You don’t have to believe me! Just look what is left on a brush after you use it. You will be amazed.
-         No more static hair. Because it doesn’t have synthetic hair in it this brush won’t electrify your hair.
-         It ads shine to your hair.
-    You can use it for hair styling.

How to Clean your Boar Bristle Brush?

My method: 
You will need: A bowl, shampoo or grated natural soap.
First take down the hair from the brush as much as you can. Sometimes I like to vacuum it with the vacuum cleaner because it is easier this way.
Leave the brush with the hairs down in the soapy water but keep the wooden part away from water. Water damages wood. Most boar bristle brushes have a wooden pad and a wooden handle.
Leave the brush with hairs down to dry and that’s all!

The Wooden Brush: Boar Bristle Brush’s Best friend

In my hair beauty routine I first untangle my hair with a wooden brush. It keeps me away from static hair because it is made from wood and massages my scalp. It feels pretty relaxing.
It is easy to clean. I just take down the hair from the brush and that’s all. It is easier to clean than the boar brush because its pins are wider set apart one from each other.

I really, really want to know how take care of your hair and any tips and tricks for a better hair brushing experience. Please leave a comment to this article. I’d love to hear from you.


Emelle XOXO

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